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Special Vehicle Branch Company
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Special Vehicle Branch Company is an independent operating company wholly owned by Changzhi Qinghua Machinery Factory, and is located in Kangzhuang Industrial Park, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. Currently, this company covers an area of 470000 square meters, with 265 employees, total asset RMB 320 millions and yearly sales revenue RMB 450 millions. Depending on aerospace technological advantages, the branch is a special vehicle manufacturer registered with brand name WONDART in national industry and information department, professionally specializing in the research, production and sale of special vehicles and environment protective equipments. Nowadays, this branch company owns 55 vehicle licenses, 53 CCC certificates and the crane manufacturing license issued by national quality and technique supervision bureau. 

The special vehicles produced by the company include dump truck, semi-trailer, truck mounted crane, rear compression garbage truck, swing body garbage truck, hook loader, self-dumping garbage truck, container garbage semi-trailer, self-loading garbage truck etc, moreover, the above-mentioned truck mounted crane and rear compression garbage truck had been exported into south-east Asia, mid-east, Africa etc. Currently, this branch company owns 3 professional production lines for dump truck, truck mounted crane and rear compression garbage truck respectively. 

In the future, this branch company will insist on brand operation strategy, the conception of “market oriented, customer centered” and the quality guidance of “clients’ satisfaction in our pursuit”, and supply overall and characteristic services, supporting customers’ success and forming new brand image. 

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Hydraulics Branch Company is a subsidiary under Changzhi Qinghua Machinery Factory. Relying on CQMF’s technological advantages in development and production of aerospace hydraulic and structural products, this branch is professionally engaged in the designing, producing and selling of various hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic supports. With brand name LIBREX, this branch company owns 330 employees, floor area 26,000 square meters, total asset RMB 180 millions and 450 sets of different machines, and its yearly sales revenue is about RMB 100 millions. Currently, this branch company totally has 15 safety certificates for column jack, hydraulic support and coal mining rescue chamber, simultaneously owning powerful and professional technical team, advanced machining equipment, integrated quality controlling system, reliable product performance and massive production capacity in general cylinders. In addition, this branch company can design and manufacture different non-standard cylinders with big diameter (φ40~φ500), long stroke(10 m), high temperature and high pressure according to clients’ special requirements.  

Currently, this branch company can produce 3000 units of hydraulic cylinders for special vehicles, 200 units of hydraulic systems, 15,000 units of high-end cylinders for export purpose, 300 units of special cylinders, 5000 units of hydraulic columns and 20,000 units of jacks yearly, and has been the long-term supplier of Zhenzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co. LTD, SANY Equipment Co. LTD, Sichuan Shenkun Equipment Co. LTD etc, and some of its products have already been exported to European market in large quantity. 


Changzhi Qinghua Steel Structure Co. ltd is a holding company controlled by Changzhi Qinghua Machinery Factory, located in Kangzhuang aerospace industrial park, Changzhi City, and is specializing in the research, manufacture and sale of energy complete equipment, auxiliary equipment for power stations, steel structures for construction etc. with brand name GUANGYU GANGGOU, this company covers an area of 350,000 square meters, including floor area 70,000 square meters, owns 472 employees and total asset RMB 480 millions, and its yearly sales revenue reaches to RMB 450 millions. This company is the strategic partner of the top 5 boiler corporations in China, and owns the certificate for super rating manufacturer issued by China steel structure association as well as AISC certificate issued by American steel structure association. 

This company owns integrated capacities, including design, process, manufacture, inspection, testing, technical service etc. Simultaneously, it also has the overall quality controlling system, different most advanced equipment, heavy-duty CNC machining cluster based on imported CNC machining centers, heavy-duty general equipment for the welding and machining of large-sized structural parts, integrated supply system for water, heat, steam and coal gas and two special railway lines directly reaching to the factory area. In recent years, this company has already achieved great development due to its unceasing technical improvement and technical absorption.  

The main products include boiler steel structure, rotary air pre-heater, light steel structure, pressure vessel etc. Since 1985, this company has established partnership with Harbin Boiler Factory Co. LTD, Dongfang Boiler (Group) Co. LTD, Beijing Babcock&Wilcox Co. LTD, Wuhan Boiler Co. LTD, French Alstom company, Shanghai Boiler factory Co. LTD etc in the field of boiler steel structure and rotary air pre-heaters for power stations. Based on more than two decades of experiences, this company can produce and supply steel structure 80,000 tons and rotary air pre-heaters 30 units per year. 



Beijing Hangtian Huixin Technology Co. LTD is a holding company controlled by Changzhi Qinghua Machinery Factory, which is established in 1999 and located in Yizhuang economic and technical development zone. With registered brand UBIX, this company is specializing in the development, production and sale of mechanical vertical car parking system, owning 248 employees, total asset RMB 210 millions, floor area 36,000 square meters and yearly sales revenue RMB 300 millions. Nowadays, this company can offer car parking systems with 9 categories and more than 50 models, owns12 kinds of techniques with patents, and is the sole manufacturer who owns all the models of car parking system in the sector. Simultaneously, it is also the high-tech company in the production of electromechanical equipment in Beijing. 

Since its establishment, this company is devoting itself to the development of mechanical car parking system by relying on its technical team with decades of years. By the introduction of advanced technology with patents from Germany and Japan and combined with practical situation in China, this company had successfully developed mechanical car parking systems with 9 categories and more than 50 models, and especially its high-end intelligent vertical car parking systems, such as horizontal removable type and tunnel stacking type, own higher added value and stronger marketing competitiveness. Currently, this company is listed in top 5 manufacturers in the sector, with market share 5 percent at home, and its production capacity reaches to 20,000 units yearly.